What our customers say...

“My son came to me recently and asked if I knew anyone that could have a look at his car.  He knew he had an oil leak because he was having to put a litre of oil into the engine every week, but he couldn’t find where the leak was coming from.  Fortunately I had just met Paul from P M Mobile Auto Services, so I asked him to have a look at it for me.


Within 48 hours, not only had Paul looked at the car, but he had found the leak and repaired the fault, and the price he charged was very reasonable, in fact much less than I had expected.


Paul has restored my faith in the automotive profession.  So pleased am I with the speed and quality of his service and so delighted was I with the amount he charged, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing the service of an automotive mechanic.  To be honest, once you’ve used him you will have no need to actually take your car to a garage ever again.


Thank you Paul, from a very surprised and delighted customer.”


Steve, Chester-le-Street


“I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the fantastic service you provide.  My car has had some problems that I’ve been ignoring for some time as I was worried about the cost and having to take time out of work for the repairs.


I’d really never come across a mobile mechanic before, it was a totally new concept for me so I am really pleased we’ve met.


You provide a knowledgeable, convenient and trustworthy service at an excellent price.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to everyone.


Thank you”


Mark, Birtley


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul from P M Mobile Auto Services for the job he completed on my work van.  He carried out a MOT and service and the best part is that he came to me at a time that was convenient.  It certainly takes the hassle out of the garage if I can carry on with my day and not have to be stood round waiting for the work to be done.  I will certainly recommend Paul to anyone needing their vehicle sorting out especially if they are short on time.”


Trevor, Newton Hall


“Thank you for the work that you carried out on my car.  It is running better than ever, faster if that’s possible!  Great workmanship throughout and would not hesitate to recommend your services onto anyone else that need them.  Hope to deal with you again in the future.


Thanks again”


Steve, Craghead